10M BNC Video Power Cable For CCTV Camera DVR Security System (10M)

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          • Professional grade cctv cable with video DC power
          • Suitable for commercial & residential use, a best pre made cable on the market today
          • Connectors: BNC and Power,BNC Male on both ends
          • Color: Black
          • Length:5M/10M/15M/20M/30M/50M Available for you to choose
        • Tips :
          Ground Looping: This is an inset from a search engine result for 'Ground Looping'
          In CCTV, ground loops can be seen as hum bars (bands of slightly different brightness) scrolling vertically up the screen.
          Low current wiring is particularly susceptible to ground loops. If two pieces of audio equipment are plugged into different power outlets, there will often be a difference in their respective ground potentials. If a signal is passed from one to the other via a video connection with the ground wire intact, this potential difference causes a spurious current through the cables, creating an video buzz at the AC mains base frequency (50 or 60 Hz) and the harmonics thereof (120 Hz, 240 Hz, and so on), called mains hum.