Wireless Passive infrared Detector Curtain Sensor PIR Detector

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This product is a wireless intelligent curtain passive infrared detector. It adopts advanced signal analysis and processing technology and displays high performance ability to ensure stability of the product in the design. When the intruder enters the zone, the detector will automatically detect the activities of the intruder. If there is motion, it will send alarm signals to the host.

This product is widely-used for residential, villas, factories, ships, warehouses, office buildings, etc.




  • Intelligent Signal Analysis
  • True temperature compensation
  • Optional alarm delay
  • Low battery alarm indicator
  • Wireless signal transmission
  • Ultra-low power circuit design
  • Adopt microprocessor control
  • Use SMT technology, anti-RFI, anti-EMI interferenceSpecifications


  • Working voltage: DV3V, 2 AA batteries
  • Static Current: <15Ua
  • Detection Distance: 2 - 12 meters (3 levels adjustable)
  • Alarm Current: <10m
  • Detection angle: 10c - 15c
  • Battery Life: over 6 months
  • Self-check time: about 60 seconds
  • Alarm indication: RED LED
  • Low battery indication: yellow LED
  • Operating temperature: -10c - +50c
  • Relative humidity: max 95%RH (No Condensing)
  • Installation height: 1.7 - 2.5M
  • Transmission frequency: 433MHz
  • Transmission distance: with no obstacles, antenna fully extended > 80M
  • Size: 110*69.5*40mm