Sock Organizer

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The Sock Organizer, is basically, a cable that’s folded down the middle and houses 10 sliders along its length. These sliders can be moved anywhere along the length of the cable, creating loops where you can insert pairs of socks and secure them. It’s a simple but clever design that enables you to organize your dirty and smelly socks (we’re assuming here, but we’re probably right) in one place before dumping them in the washing machine, all while making sure they’re still together after you finish a batch.

You can keep the dirty socks right on the organizer when you clean them in the washing machine, move them to the dryer (yes, the tool can handle the heat), and bring them back up to the bedroom. In fact, you can use the organizer to hang your socks in the closet with the rest of your clothes, as it comes with a detachable hook, so you can free up the drawers for other delicate items in your wardrobe. To remove socks, just pull them out of the loop they’re inserted in and you’re set, with no need to adjust the sliders to keep the rest of the socks in place.

What's in the box
1 x sock organizer - Blue & Black